Installer of PV Panels

Green electricity for your home and business

Solar panels with sky and clouds in the background
  • PV panels generate clean and CO2-free electricity for your home and business.
  • Generated electricity is used by the client, with the surplus exported to the Grid.
  • The panels are installed by trained staff, including our certified electricians.
  • All of the work is certified and insured.
  • Grants are available from SEAI, Department of Agriculture and LEADER and we are registered and approved for Grant purposes.

We’ll help you design your system

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All we need is your Eircode and annual ESB cost.

Our Vision

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Energy derived from fossil fuels have allowed us to develop our economies but has greatly impacted on our planet by emitting harmful gases and chemicals. To address this, technology has been developed to harness a fraction of this fossil fuel energy to produce renewable technology. With a carbon footprint of two years a PV panel will continue to produce electricity for at least 20 years, maybe more.

The use of renewables is one of the many approaches taken in an attempt to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.