Paul Toolen

Company Director

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I have a passion for renewable energy technology.




Renewables are one of many approaches to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

Energy derived from fossil fuels have enabled us to develop our economies but at a cost to the planet. One method to reduce our dependence on fossil fuel is to use that fossil fuel to manufacture renewable energy technology. In principal this approach initially reduces our consumption, leading eventually to our independence of fossil fuels. 

In an attempt to play our part, our company supports this idea with five basic principles.

Self-generated electricity Our PV array generates our electricity
Low energy devices: Reduces our energy demand
Solar Thermal: This heats our water
Insulation:  This reduces our heat demand
Heat pump:  This greatly reduces our energy demand to heat the buildings

From an energy point of view we are self-contained for nine months of the year and have greatly reduced our energy demand for the three winter months. We are still attempting to replace this winter demand with renewables and to move towards electric vehicles.




I began my career in the late 70’s as an apprentice electrician. I enjoyed experimenting and redesigning equipment to best suit the requirements. This approach has given me a thorough understanding of how products work.

I have continued with this approach throughout my career to understand electric technology from its generation, its distribution and final utilization I have worked in many different environments and with specialized equipment, from 3D plasma sprayers to photovoltaic installations.

I have continually returned to the renewables as it makes sense to me. Use the energy contained in a litre of petrol to drive ten kms and the fuel is gone, use that fuel to build a wind turbine and provide energy for homes, business and transport for years to come. The technology is being adapted slower than I would like but its gathering momentum. I am not a fanatic but when watching the destruction of the planet, I would like to leave something behind me.

The desire to better understand the technology culminated in my receiving a Bachelor Of Engineering Hons degree, which has helped me to design systems fit for purpose rather than an off the shelf devices.

Paul Toolen