Paul Toolen

Company Director

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I have worked for many years in the electrical and renewable energy business and I now wish to see a greater emphasis on renewable energy technology, optimising systems for the ordinary householder and business-owner that will not harm the natural world.  

Remember, use the energy contained in a litre of petrol to drive ten kms and the fuel is gone, use that fuel to build a wind turbine and you can provide energy for homes, business and transport for years to come.

Using systems of renewable energy can reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. 


How we achieve this


TOOLENPV supports these five basic principles of energy conservation:

Self-generated electricity for office and home The PV array generates electricity from the sun.
Low energy devices: Reduces energy demand.
Solar thermal systems: Heats water with the energy of the sun.
Insulation:  Reduces demand for heating.
Heat pump:  Greatly reduces the energy demand to heat buildings.

From spring through to autumn, you can be self-sustaining in energy  production, with a suitable system. And, with the energy of the sun available in the three winter months you can greatly reduce energy demand. You can add to this further by using electric vehicles.



Throughout my career, as an electrician and in the alternative energy industry,  I have wanted to understand electrical technology from its generation through to distribution and I have tried to optimize the use of the equipment in different situations, depending on the requirements of the customer. 

I have worked in many different environments: from 3D plasma sprayers to photovoltaic installations. A degree in Engineering added to my knowledge and it has helped in designing systems fit for purpose rather than relying on off-the-shelf devices.